Guidelines to Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Road Safety Campaigns

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Year of publication: 2023
Author: J. Ambros, J. Elgner, P. Kouřil, E. Šragová, A. Daňková, O. Valach, J. Frič
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Categories: Methodo logies
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Road safety campaigns are one of the tools to influence road users' behaviour and thus contribute to reducing the number and severity of road accidents. Adherence to selected rules and recommendations can help to make campaigns effective. To this end, the methodology presented here has been developed, describing the whole process of campaigns: design, implementation and subsequent evaluation of their effectiveness. The methodology is intended for commissioners, implementers and evaluators of all types of road safety campaigns and contains three parts: theoretical knowledge and experience from the Czech Republic and abroad, practical recommendations for the whole process, evaluation checklist and its application with examples.

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