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Extending the life of concrete surfaces
Flaxseed Oil Emulsion (LO Emulsion) is a hydrophobic impregnation product that provides treatment of concrete roadways, parking lot surfaces, pavement pavers or concrete fences or recesses. Spraying …
FLAX - Flaxseed Oil Emulsion
Do you have pavers around your house, a driveway to your garage or other concrete surface (fences, walls, entire parking lot)? Do you want to prevent concrete from rutting caused by normal wear and g…
Measuring air quality with low-cost sensor systems
Are you planning to make a change in transportation to improve air quality? To what extent does traffic in the community affect it? Based on the result of the measurement, we can determine the curren…
ROADS - Application for assessing the safety impact of road infrastructure
Are you wondering what impact the planned bypass of your community will have on safety?_x000D_ Are you planning a traffic construction project and want to make decisions based on the right safety ind…
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