Measuring air quality with low-cost sensor systems

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Are you planning to make a change in transportation to improve air quality? To what extent does traffic in the community affect it? Based on the result of the measurement, we can determine the current situation and propose modifications to improve it in the form of e.g. traffic solutions such as traffic diversion or other intersection crossing settings. However, such measurements, carried out by classical reference methods, can be very inaccessible for many municipalities. However, we offer an easier and more affordable way to obtain the necessary data. In its basic configuration, the low-cost immission sensor station measures concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and aerosol particles of 0.3 - 10 ?m, pollutants that are generally considered to be indicators of traffic pollution. This basic configuration can be expanded modularly with additional sensor units._x000D_ _x000D_ Main advantages of the automatic immission station:_x000D_
  • low acquisition and operating costs
  • _x000D_
  • continuous measurement
  • _x000D_
  • compact size and easy installation
  • _x000D_
  • online transmission of measured data to the master unit
  • _x000D_
  • possibility to create local measurement networks
  • _x000D_

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