VEHICLE CRUSH INVESTIGATION: A Guidebook to Documentation and Analysis

Year of publication: 2023
Author: K. Bucsuházy, P. Moravcová, M. Semela, M. Bilík, R. Mikulec, M. Křižák, A. Bradáč, J. Dlugoš, R. Zůvala a kol.
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The book „VEHICLE CRUSH INVESTIGATION: A Guidebook to Documentation and Analysis“ aims to be a practical guide to the process of documentation and subsequent analysis of vehicle damage. By purchasing the publication you do not acquire copyright, in particular the book may not be redistributed without the written consent of the author
The publication primarily focuses on damage resulting from personal vehicle collisions. The presented publication is structured into two main parts. The first part is mainly devoted to damage documentation using not only conventional, two-dimensional methods but especially modern methods and measuring devices. The second part presents various methods for damage (crush) analysis and quantification of deformation energy, respectively EES. The book also includes an introduction to specific cases of determining the collision speed, including determining the speed after a collision with a narrow obstacle or using stuck speedometers. The finite element analysis (as a computational method used mainly for strength and structural calculations) is also briefly introduced concerning the possibilities of its application in assessing the extent of vehicle damage. Advantages and limitations of different methods are demonstrated in practice, presenting the suitability of the used methods based on the extent and characteristics of the vehicle damage.

This result was financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport within the Transport 2020+ Program.

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