Discreet Choice Research

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Rok vydání: 2020
Autor: Michal Šimeček
Categories: Odborné publikace
Product code: 51

Decision-making research has applications in a wide range of fields, from marketing to healthcare or environmental science around the world. For example, it is required as part of feasibility studies for public investment in transport if it is co-financed by the European Union. The publication presents an introduction to applied decision-making research using stated preference experimental method and discrete choice analysis, focusing in particular on the use of these methods in transport research. The introduction briefly deals with the history of decision-making research and its methodological assumptions. It also introduces the basic model of decision making, the design of the stated preference experiment, and the subsequent data analysis. In two examples, the practical use of the expressed preference and discrete choice analysis method shows the design of the experiment and the analysis of the results in practice, including the interpretation of the results. The book works with freely accessible author's datasets and scripts written for statistical tool R. After reading the book, the reader will be able to prepare a simple research of expressed preferences, analyze it using basic discrete choice models, and interpret basic results.

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